Data Jam workshop: synaesthesia happy hour 16-17 October – Goldsmiths, University of London

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PREREQUISITES: basic understanding of computers and digital art
TEACHERS: Graham Harwood, Claude Heiland-Allen, Aymeric Mansoux

“synaesthesia happy hour” is a 2 days workshop that will introduce you to data mapping and basic synaesthetic tricks to get you started making real-time audiovisual experiments based on incoming data taken from various sources. In this crash course we will focus on how a single source of information (for example data from a sensor, or a log file)
can be used to both generate sounds and visual. After the workshop you will never see numbers the same! (your mileage may vary)

The workshop is targeted to beginners only, for artists and students who are curious about data mapping and want to get introduced to Pure Data ( We will run the software from the pure:dyne GNU/Linux distribution (

More information:

This workshop is part of the pure:dyne for everyone project, a national project designed to make pure:dyne more accessible through special events with partnering media arts centres across the country. pure:dyne for everyone is possible with the support of the Creative Partnerships programme of Arts Council England.