piksel 2008 subsections. December 4-7 2008 Bergen, Norway

real code call

real.co.[de][re] actively explores code which both has strong effects on the real, constructing the world through control, prediction and description, and the code of the real, how the world as given is coded.

In a time of open hide-ware, of tempting Gnostic depths promoted by layered APIs and network models, real.co.[de][re] attempts to erase or rather flatten the distinction between software and hardware, to resolve a new political reference for real core code. real.co.[de] [re] asks a general question of a code nature beyond the prescribed
API (hard).

The twelve hour real.co.[de][re] session will attempt the active construction of a working code model (of any form) which addresses these concerns.

Hacked genres are not limited to the following suggestions: life coding, paranoiac practice, pornographic coding, data forensics, steganographic psychogeography, biologic hacking, EM scrying and …

Please submit a proposal in any form: dream diary, API description, instruction set, film script, event code, scientific abstract… before September 30th 2008 to real AT 1010 DOT co DOT uk


abstract code call

Abstract code is software whose results can be invisible, a software implementing different layers of action at the same time.
Abstract code is a connection to parallel worlds, a poetic formula dealing with outer forces. Code is art, its action is subtile, effective, magic.

procedural text

maledictions, oracles, iambi, hymn, formula, refrains, hypnotic sentences, prayers, and other.

A night for writers, sorcerers, magicians, bots, pichadores, psychonauts, sex texters, scientists, coders, poets and intelligent agents.

Performances, talks, food, music, dance, telepathy!
Catacstrobe: Dec 7th from midnight to dawn.

For remote or local participation, send your letters, numbers, loops,
scripts, illusions, pranks, to athanasius AT xname DOT cc before September 30th 2008.