Lumiera is a Free/Open Source Non-Linear Editing (NLE) application project for Linux developed by the CinelerraCV community. It is in development and no release has made yet (don’t even ask we’ll announce it).

First there is the general ‘Lumiera’ mailinglist:

The purpose of this Mailinglist is the discussion between developers and potential users about Lumiera. This will always stay a general and in depth ML where developers and users come together.
This list is open for anyone to subscribe and post messages. When you are interested in Lumiera, subscribe to this list.

Second we have a ‘Lumiera-work’ mailinglist:

The developers coordinate work and post jobs/todo items in a terse form on this list. This list is moderated for new subscribers. Just read its archive and contact us when you find a job which looks suitable to you.
When you are interested in helping with Lumiera development, subscribe to this list.