version 0.9.1 (2008.04.16):

* switched from CVS to SVN
* removed LTIlib support
* x11: added “warp” method for moving mouse cursor around
* removed all Ruby code (rewritten in C++ or Pd)
* rewrote PPM support. now relies on libnetpbm.
(apt-get install libnetpbm10-dev)
* removed broken Targa support
* removed timelog feature in [#in]/[#out] (redundant)
* removed [joystick_port], [SoundMixer], [pd_netsocket], [rubyarray],
[system], [exec], [regsub], [memstat], [#edit], [peephole],[listmake],
[gridflow]/[#global], [sendgui], [realtimer], [bindpatcher]
(contact me if you need any of them)
* added [gf.error], [usertime], [systemtime], [tsctime]
* added method to_ascii in [#import]
* [display] word-wrap
* [#import] defaults to per_message mode
* removed support for ~/.gridflow_startup and GridFlow.data_path
(contact me if you need them)