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The following new plugins are included:

* Lenscorrection:
Provides a simple “Fish-Eye” effect, that can be used to compensate for wide angel lens distortion.
* Transparency:
Adds a lever to control the transparency level of a Video by adjusting the alpha channel values.
* Color Distance:
Has a color selector, and the output for every pixel is its distance from the selected color in a 3-D RGB cube. Good for simple Green-Screen stuff.
* Perspective:
A pseudo perspective distortion, has four adjustable points that can be moved to arbitrary places in the canvas, and the corners of the video will follow. Good for nice 3D-Perspectives.
* RGB Parade:
RGB Wave Form View, nice for image analysis and color grading/correction work.
* Vectorscope:
YCrCb Vector-Scope, for image analysis and color grading/correction.