Dear pikselites,

BBT and transmediale08 invites you to join the online dimension of conferences and presentations -realtime- via IRC and video streams. A backdoor to the unconscious Conspire feed, hosted by bots and people: we are more paranoid than bots, and technology is going out of control…
Two streams will be performed; from the conference room and from the Bilderberg salon. Every stream will have its own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chatroom.

We are here now inviting you to JOIN IN.

IRC chats will be displayed next to the panel in each conference and keynote lecture. IRC moderators will bring the questions and comments from the chat to the onsite event . Your remote presence is essential. We would appreciate if you can spend some of your internet time with us and tell your friends about this vivid interaction. We will be meeting on irc from wednesday 30th of january until sunday february 3rd of february 2008.

The video stream addresses will be:
Documenting the conferences and key note presentations and
An experimental stream, playing with protocols of communication between irc and realtime video streams.