SeMuSSum – World Week of Sounds from Free Software – June 03 to 10 of 2007

Drop out everything you’re doing, choose your favorite distro, config the system and record a sound!

Upload the sound into with all information about processes and softwares using the description field;
The files should be submitted with the ‘semussum’ tag;
Every kind of sound is worthed: music, voice, sample, loop, radio transmission, noises and experimentation with at least 15 minutes of record;
The publications should fit the terms and conditions of use of the site – (( );
The sounds should be produced and uploaded within june 03 and 10 (not before!);
At the end, a collection of all this sounds will be released at

SeMuSSum is offered by:

Cidadão Comum Sistema de Som
Traquitana Discos