ChangeLog for this version:
Fix random crash in multitrack playback.
Fix crash when encoding after changing encoder in Preferences.
Fix compilation with –disable-osc (regression)
Faster resampling when inserting multiple times from the clipboard into the same target clip.
Add RFX special widget “framedraw|singlepoint”
Fix crash in “compositor” effect (regression)
Fix visual interpolation of floats in the multitrack window.
Add “targetted zoom” realtime effect.
Make it more obvious when the user can draw on the frame preview.
GUI improvements for the multitrack window.
Updated Czech translation (thanks to Martin Svoboda).
Correct Czech language code to “cs” instead of “cz” (thanks to Martin Svoboda).
Add multitrack “expanded” view.
Add time scrollbar in multitrack.
Add multitrack options “follow playback” and “center on cursor”.
Improved checks when setting a target encoder.
Show a warning before viewing a very large event list.


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