Facebook is not internet

Facebook is not internet
In my last visit to Mexico I realized wifi connection was all over the city (a city of 22 millions of people!) wow, that was a great thing! The surprise was yet to come, the internet connection only permitted to browse through facebook, if the info is not in FB then you can not access.

Yes, we all know about it but, did we experienced that raw news beating right in our nose? Not me, at least.

Then I realized that FB is taken all our content (yes, we all knew that), all our videos, all our discussions (impossible to trace or search), all our pics (which becomes just a number in the FB data base and are impossible to trace either, not even the author or anything) and the worst of it: you can not make advanced searches in FB content, cause it is awful. Of course soon, Mark will make a good search engine, then we all be captives forever.

Meanwhile our webpages languish, our pic galleries are not visited anymore, good bye to our statistics visitor numbers, etc. And see who is the one getting advantage to all our followers? Yes, FAcebook.

So, this is a test to keep updating our pages, and hopefully to recover our visitors to our pages and to our content. Let’s see what happens.

Support the PlayOgg campain!

Play Ogg

The Free Software Foundation has initiated a campain in support of the free and non-patented Ogg format for audio (Vorbis) and video (Theora) files and streams.

Everyone can join the campain by putting a ‘PlayOgg’ button on their site!

More info and images for download at FSF.

Piksel @ WOS4

The Wizards of OS conference is taking place in Berlin for the 4th time 14-16 september.
I have been invited to present Piksel at a pre-WOS4 workshop on the theme of Copyright and Art.
Fellow pikselite Malte Steiner will also be there and give an overview of the different free tools for artistic production.

Should be a very interesting meeting and discussion covering important questions related to authorship/licensing and practical implications of free cultural production.

David Turner (FSF) on trusted computing

David Turner (FSF) delivered a very interesting and engaged speach about the dangers of trusted computing thursday evening. It’s now available online for downloading as an mpeg video (150Mb).
Among the things he brought up in addition to the DRM threat, was the upcoming GPL3 and some interesting theories about the background for Apples switch to Intel. He also had some critical views on Creative Commons licensing.

Livido licensing dispute

In the last hectic days before piksel05 there’s currently a lot of activity going on in all corners of the earth in preparation for our gathering here in Bergen. Among them is the latest dispute on the piksel-dev list to find the right license for the Livido specs. As we all know Livido itself will be licensed under the LGPL, but the question now is how to license the specs, which is a document defining Livido functionality and design. The two positions is to either license it under a restricted license like the CC No Change license to be able to freeze the specs to avoid subversioning, or to keep it open for change through something like the GNU FDL.

Currently there is a vote going on between the Livido developers and so far we have 2 votes in favor of a restricted license, and are waiting for the decisions of the remaining 2 developers.

Hopefully this will be the last remaining obstacle before we can see a Livido 1.0 release. 🙂

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