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Piksel13 || RIOT

The 11th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies

– Exhibitions – workshops – live art – presentations
– November 21st-24th, Bergen (NO)
– http://13.piksel.no

The 11th edition of the Piksel Festival takes place in Bergen (NO)
November 21st-24th 2013. This years theme – RIOT – connects to the
diversity in the tradition of hactivist art and specifically the use of
tactical media, digital resistance and electronic disturbance as more
relevant now than ever before.



EXHIBITIONS @ Franz : Navle and Lydgalleriet

Will Burn, Maria Colina Perez, Sergey Dushkin, Azahara Cerezo, F.A.T.,
Geraldine Juarez, Magnus Eriksson, Mark Beasley, Louise Harris,
Wolfgang Spahn, Artemis Papageorgiou, Aforditi Psarra, Stefan


Afroditi Psarra, Constanza Piña, John Bowerss, Sten-Olof
Hellström, Theremidi Orchestra, Servando Barreiro, Alex McLean, Ryan
Jordan, Raquel Meyers, Goto80, Great International Audio Streaming
Orchestra III, Malte Steiner, Darsha Hewitt, Anis Haron, Dr. Nexus,
Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, LaptopsRus, Casperelectronics


Trasformatorio, The Open Modular Synthesizer, Creating Performance
Systems with Pd, Raspberry Pi and Arduino, F.A.T. – Free Art &
Technology, MicroFlo: flow-based programming for microcontrollers, All
the lines arrive to NAZCA

WORKSHOPS @ Trykk : Trykk and Piksel HQ

PSYCHOHELIOPHYSICISTS – SUN TONGS, Sound happens in the group!, Noise
Make-up Language, Limen – electromagnetic sniffing device, APODIO V9
WORKSHOP, Haptic City Workshop, Paper-Duino-Pi, LornaLab Projection
Workshop, OSC controlled realtime visuals with the gameengine Panda3D,
<3-bit shirt

more info and complete festival program:

Piksel13 is supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen
Municipality, Hordaland County, PNEK, BEK, Grundtvig – Lifelong
Learning Program and others.

Call: Hacker Space Fest 2009

/tmp/lab announces the second Hacker Space Festival
(Paris, 26-30 June 2009)

Hacker Space Festival 2009 | Call For Proposals | HSF2009

In 2008, we organized HSF[1] on the spot, as an ad-hoc meeting for
hackerspaces-related networks, technical and artistic research emerging
from them and social questionning arising from them. This sudden
experiment proved to be a huge success, as much as on the
self-organizing level as on the participants and meetings quality, as
well as the emotionally-charged ambient, the kind of which you make
fond memories.
(continue reading…)


Piksel16 Call for projects

Dates for PIKSEL16 - the 14th annual Piksel Festival: 24-27 Nov. 2016.
Deadline – June 30. 2016 July 15. 2016

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