Leploop - Antonio Cavadini

The LepLoop It’s a small analog synth groovebox for live improvisation and sound experiment.

The idea was to have a compact live analog instrument.

Usually analog synth it’s big and can produce only one sound at the same time.

The LepLoop it’s small and can produce 3/4 sound at the same time,...Read More »

Piksels and Lines Orchestra (PLO) - Brendan Howell & Jon Nordby

The Piksels and Lines Orchestra is an experimental performance system for graphic design.
The image industry populates our visual culture, yet it exists in a world with an inner life that is invisible to most people. The orchestra shifts the focus from the end results to the actions and decisions...Read More »

Drawing Circuits - Platform for hand-drawn circuit boards - Gottfried Haider

Arduinos and project such as Fritzing have significantly lowered the bar for everyone to participate in the design and manufacturing of electronics. More people than ever try out CAD tools such as Eagle to realize their ideas.

But why do the boards designed by artists and hackers have to be constrained...Read More »

Weise7 - The in/compatible laboratorium - Bengt Sjölén

The Weise7 in/compatible Laboratorium Archive is a record of the Weise7 Studio show for Labor Berlin 8, a series of workshops run at Weise7 and its own creation.

Unlike other books, this book acts as an Internet independent wireless server, running from a tiny, custom designed computer inside the book.

To...Read More »