Up and away - Alexander Senko

The visuals consists of the background and figures.

Figures are created by and interact with the background – architectural forms of the new building of the Bauhaus University Library (Weimar, Germany).

The Fourier resynthesis allows every moving object to create its own frequency band.

The work is made in real-time programming environment...Read More »

Random Hexadecimal Values, Sorted Numerically - Jeff Thompson

Custom software, projected as video on infinite loop

Each frame, a set of 2,073,600 (or 1920×1080) hexadecimal color values are created, sorted, and drawn to the frame. Values range from #000000 – #FFFFFF (black to white). The patterns across the screen shift subtly in washes of intense color.

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scroll - Jordi Planas & Bruno González

Scroll is a new (absurd) media for digital video in net art. Is a power game. It’s all about Foucouldian devices. Linked to the phenomenon of hypertext and to the link/zappingculture. Scroll through the navigation scrollbar means a fragmentary, directional and fast acces to information.

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line - Louise Harris

line is the result of an investigation into generative systems where sonic material
influences visual material. Some correlations are direct; many are hidden.

line from Louise Harris on Vimeo.

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cs1 - Louise Harris

this is the first in a series of pieces examining chaotic systems. The visual system involves a series of relatively simple calculations, but using sound to push the system to it’s extremes causes unexpected behaviours, oscillations and the collapse of one of the visual structures. this piece is the...Read More »

fuzee - Louise Harris

A fuzee (fusee) is a cone-shaped pulley with a spiral groove used in chord or chain-winding clocks. fuzee is an 8-minute audio/video piece in which sonic momentum is translated into visual movement in a pre-defined and very specific way.

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