AUDIO BLAST FESTIVAL - Online audio performance - Piksel Festival (Node)

Audio Blast Festival is a no-festival within festivals. It’s a new invitation for musicians, sound artist and others noise makers to play live through the internet. This live music will be experienced in 2 venues, one in Bergen for the Piksel festival and the other one in Nantes at...Read More »

Corazón de robota - Constanza PIÑA

Corazón de robota is a musical project composed only by handmade analog synthesizers and sequencers which are crafted from different materials like fabrics, electronic waste and chocolate boxes. These devices generate different frequencies which play randomly, exploring the rhythmic dimensions of noise.

...Read More »

Tonylight - Antonio Cavadini

Antonio Cavadini aka Tonylight lives and works in Milano. As a musician and explorer, he has been fascinated by 8-bit music since the beginning and joined the community. He plays the Game Boy and old computers like NES and Atari ST since 2001.Due to the simplicity of the applied...Read More »

BAT - Kasia Justka

Do You want to see the invisible Do You want to hear the inaudible?

BAT is an audiovisual performance which happens in the darkness.
It is all is about what we can’t see and what we can’t hear.
Kasia Justka uses prerecorded takes, which shei recorded in a bat park in...Read More »

Pulse Shape 22 - Mark Cetilia

Pulse Shape 22 is an improvisational audiovisual performance featuring shortwave radio transmissions as the sole source material for realtime audio processing alongside video of the sun captured through cast glass lenses designed specifically for this piece. Pulse Shape 22 utilizes Gnu Radio software in conjunction with Ettus Research LLC’s...Read More »

Heroína - constanza PIÑA & Isabel CROXATTO

Heroína is a work that involves designing and implementing a series of devices made ​​from textiles and electronics, which will use the human body as support. These devices operate as technological prostheses, being reactive to movement of the body as well as stimuli received from the environment.

This work, from...Read More »

megatsunami - Otolab .

Megatsunami is a live performance that has been realized using Lumanoise (a self-built instrument), strobe lights, laser and cold or incandescent lamps.
Modulating the diverse lighting sources largely through improvisation, the performers stratify sound and light waves and organize a rhythmically obsessive liveset characterized by an electrical, noise and...Read More »

SIGNAL TO SCREEN - RJ Fischer & Séamus O´Donnell

Live A/V Performance
knifeloop + hexler

The sound of objects (often selected on the day of the performance) are relayed, through contact microphones, to a multi track looper and digital delay and then fed into a custom GPU live-coding software for on-the-fly programmed, visual synthesis.

With these tools the sound...Read More »

Agnes Hvizdalek & Harald Fetveit

This duo plays improvised music; Hvizdalek uses only voice and microphone, although with her voice techniques it may sound like something else entirely, while Fetveit uses primitive electronics, as the voice can sometimes sound like. Their playing with the similarities between pure voice and pure electronics gives a musical...Read More »

Noish -- Black Nature - oscar martin correa

Live versión of my last release “Black Nature”.

Exploration of the sound posibilities of the of the “boids algorithm”.

Boids is a bird flight and animal flock simulator. It is based on the same algorithm which was used in Jurassic Park for the herding dinosaurs.

Based on Simon Fraser’s implementation of Craig...Read More »

Restlichtverstärker live concert - Malte Steiner & Servando Barreiro

Restlichtverstärker is a Berlin music duo of Servando Barreiro and Malte Steiner, working together since 2011.They created a complex stepsequencing and soundsynthesis patch for Pure Data and work with two synchronized laptops via OSC. They augmenting their performances with generative visuals since 2012, also done in Pure Data. The...Read More »

untitled 2012 - Louise Harris

This is a live audiovisual work in progress, utilising puredata and processing. This work represents a departure from my previous work in that it uses sonic material entirely synthesised live in puredata as opposed to working with found sound or recorded source material, and is consequently more directly reflective of...Read More »

Experimental Communication Session - Ryan Jordan, Jonathan Kemp & John Bowers

Leading on from the Experimental Communication Workshop this live session will take the form of a seance and fill the room with electromagnetic energy in an attempt to make contact with the spirit world thorugh the devices built in the workshop.

Attempts to induce visual and audible communication via electromagnetic...Read More »

Lilytronica - Afroditi Psarra

Lilytronica is a live sound performance exploring electronic embroidery as an interface for creating music. It involves the live improvisation with handmade DIY embroidered synths, a simple mixer and a delay pedal, in order to create 8-bit sound patterns and chaotic lo-fi sci-fi effects. Its duration is approximately 10-15...Read More »