AUDIO BLAST FESTIVAL - Online audio performance - Piksel Festival (Node)

Audio Blast Festival is a no-festival within festivals. It’s a new invitation for musicians, sound artist and others noise makers to play live through the internet. This live music will be experienced in 2 venues, one in Bergen for the Piksel festival and the other one in Nantes at...Read More »

Energy Bank - Amanda Steggell

Energy Bank: Prototype tests at Piksel[X],
Amanda Steggell (NO) with Kristine Øren (NO)

Since 2009 I’ve been working on various prototype ideas for charging stations in public places.
For the Piskel X event the latest version will be tested; a hand-cranked mobile charging station worn as a backpack with...Read More »

Instrumentation - Peter Flemming

All things have a natural resonant frequency. This intriguing idea suggests a baseline connection between just about everything, but I’ll keep to the physical for now. My old car would vibrate intensely when reaching certain speeds. Our bodies have resonant frequencies. As does the stapler on my desk, as do...Read More »

Downtime (Post-domestic fiction) - interactive installation - DamnLab .

Downtime (post-domestic fiction) refers to the representation of a system comprising of obsolete electric appliances. Through hacking methodology, the redefinition of their original identity is investigated, thus giving them new uses. The post-use of existing objects extends beyond the system’s practical everyday life applications and become part of a...Read More »

Whatever happend, Happened - Daniel Palacios Jimenez

This installation tracks the audience movements on the gallery and translates them into a data visualization graphic that is drawn in real time, which means that the graphic will need as much time to be realised as the exhibition will be running, evolving from its own shape by audience movements...Read More »

{RdEs} Sonic/Light Emergency Distributed Network - oscar martin correa

Generative and autopoietic sound-light installation that embodies complex systems theories based on concepts and processes such as emergency and self-organization. The installation bases on models taken from various fields of science, philosophy, biology,computer science and study of the artificial intelligence (cellular automata, neural network,Cybernetics..).

The installation explores the sonic and...Read More »

The SKOR Codex - La Societe Anonyme

The SKOR Codex is a printed book which will be sent to different locations on earth. It contains binary encoded image and sound files selected to portray the diversity of life and culture at the Foundation for Art and Public Domain (SKOR), and is intended for any intelligent terrestrial...Read More »

!Linear - Malte Steiner

This is one of the first, possibly the first interactive media art piece for e-reader. I am fascinated by the esthetics of the electronic ink which is different from the usual backlit color screens. After several years working with projections this is first of my artworks which needs a proper...Read More »