The 12th annual Piksel Festival

PIKSEL14 - be\O/art

is now over.

Piksel15 is scheduled for 19-22 Nov. 2015 Open call will be out soon!

  • CFP: NORTH Creative Network




    We welcome artists and cultural producers from Norway, Iceland and Latvia to share the information about their recent projects, which explore sustainability issues from different perspectives and relate to the beloved mentioned fields. The submitted projects will be “linked” to the NORTH Creative Network – interactive on-line map that explore emerging of new ideas and forms in intersection of art, science and technologies.

    Please send your submissions via email to:
    Deadline: May 31, 2015

    Authors and contributors:
    Short description (max 140 characters):
    Website address:
    Fields (please choose, or suggest new ones):

    art and agriculture | art and science | artistic investigation | biotechnology
    Cultural heritage
    Cultural sustainaibility
    Electromagnetic waves
    Energy harvesting
    Environmental research
    Food as energy
    Household traditions
    Information and energy
    Marin ecosystems
    Natural farming
    Nature and technology
    Open source
    Participatory culture
    Radio spectrum
    Renewable energy
    Solar technology
    Sustainable technologies
    Window farming
    Urban beekeeping
    Urban gardening
    … and you can suggest new ones…

    More information:

    The project is collaboration between RIXC (Riga), iolab (Stavanger), Lorna (Reykjavik) and Piksel (Bergen).

  • PIKSEL14 streams

  • Biohack-Bohemia

    Det er glinsende gelégreier på bordene, folk lager krystaller og setter fisk på telefonen. Alt har kabler stikkende ut av seg, selv planter, og man kan røyke inne.


  • APODIO OPEN workshop

    APODIO OPEN CALL for participants

    Romain Papion
    APODIO is a free computer operating system towards artists and new designers, alternative to microsoft and apple, created in Nantes in the APO33 Lab. It is the new generation of a free and creative computer science.
    The new version 10 will be based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS
    Real swiss-army-knife software for audio, video, graphics, or 3D, Apodio is ready to use for a live an exhibition a performance or in a studio.

  • Pure Data Synthesizer OPEN workshop

    Servando Barreiro

    In this workshop, among other more advanced things, the attendants are going to learn the basic building blocks of a classic synth.

    Concretely we are going to study and hack a clone of the beautiful and simple ¨moog werkstatt¨ synth which is an experimental limited edition synth. As it´s name indicates, this is a perfect synth to hack, improve, modify and also to learn about basic ¨clean¨ analogue subtractive synthesis.

    To register send an email to: piksel14(at)piksel(dot)no
    More info:

  • Volunteers! Join our team!!

    Would you perhaps like to be our art exhibition assistant?


    Are you great at selling tickets, distributing information, or handling technical equipment?

    Or maybe you just love the combination of electronics and art and would like to meet likeminded people?

    This year Piksel is arranged for the 12th time in Bergen and we would like you to join the team. The festival is an annual event where artists and developers from over a dozen countries spend four days hosting presentations, concerts, workshops, performances, exhibitions and informal discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free and open source software.

    As a volunteer you will experience the festival from the inside and will gain useful knowledge while hopefully making new friends and having fun.

    Sign up today!

    Contact: prod(at) (mark with ‘volunteer’)



    Workshop poses fundamental questions concerning the working of human brain and randomness. It is intended for experienced users interested in practical use of randomness for creative purposes in visual arts, music and film.

    Nowadays, many procedures based on simulation of random processes lie at the basis of practical applications in banking, stock market, games, in enciphering passwords etc.

    To register send an email to: piksel14(at)piksel(dot)no
    More info:

  • PiksteriaLab – Open LAB

    PIKSTERIA LAB – OPEN CALL to participants

    Bring your own ideas, interests, knowledge and tools.
    10-15th november – Bergen Kjott
    More info:

    “From 10th to 15th november, PIKSEL14 – be\O/art festival is presenting PIKSTERIA LAB a biohacking lab open to all citizens interested at experimenting new models for knowledge sharing and collaboration building, in the emergent artistic practices related to bio, nanotechnology and science related to Bergen and surrounds.”

    Open BioElectronix and BioSonification
    During this sessions we’ll continue on various prototypes connecting plants to puredata, making sound with fishes, connecting brain-measurements to glitch visuals and generally exploring the possibilities of monitoring the processes of life using open source hard/software.

    Water Monitoring
    Water monitoring, purification and analysis has been important nodes throughout our activities of the last few years.

    Hackteria / Lifepatch Evergreens
    You wanna build a DIY microscopy? Or join us for some basic DIY Fermentation or the Art of making Wine, bubble sonification? Join us anytime and we’ll introduce you to some of the all time classics!

    8bit Mixtape 0.8 and beyond
    The idea was to create a synthesizer from an affordable programmable chip that is playful and could be used by anyone to play the music. 8-Bit Mixtape is using a mathematical expression into a single line of programming code which generates Algorithmic symphonies. In this workshop participants will be invited to identify basic electronic components, soldering the correct way and how to add sound into the synthesizer.

    **Schedule 10 – 15. Nov / Pre-Piksel
    10. Nov: If you can’t build your Lab you don’t own the Lab
    11h | Introduction of all participants and start lab making!

    11 – 13. Nov: DIWO Biohacking (Do it with Others)
    11 – 17h | Every day DIWO PiksteriaLab .
    16 – 18h | Open sessions. join us, discuss with us, bring some something, make something
    — Nights | spontaneous and improvised late night biotinkering as much as needed…
    — Project work, collaboration, discussions & mini-Workshops

    14 – 15. Nov: Open PiksteriaLab
    11h – 17h | Every day DIWO PiksteriaLab .
    16 – 21h | Open sessions for all piksel peeps who want to be in a lab
    — Nights | spontaneous and improvised late night biotinkering as much as needed…
    — Jamming with the Living Elektro & mini-Workshops

    Register by mail to Piksel Team: – First come first serve.
    Other questions can also be directly send to
    Slots for full participation are limited. Everybody is welcome to join and visit the open sessions.

    Please, provide us a few sentences about yourself (short bio).
    Why are you interested in the DIWO biohacking session?
    Can you join all days of the PiksteriaLab (11-17h)?
    Do you want to start another node to work, collaborate on and share?
    What kind of lab-tools, organisms, hardware will you bring the lab?

    More info at:

  • Piksel14 be\O/art

    Get infected, be the cure, be\O/art


    PIKSEL14 – Be\O/Art embraces the organic
    and biological, linking it to free and open source technology to create new
    forms of artistic expressions: creative tinkering with organic tissue, life
    processes, live organisms and bacteria.
    Bioartists and biohackers return to Piksel and Bergen to guide participants
    into the realm of Bioelectronix.



    EXHIBITIONS @ Bergen Kjøtt and Lydgalleriet

    Robert B. LISEK , Markus Decker, Pamela Neuwirth, Franz Xaver, Kelly Jaclynn
    Andres, Jakob Kilian, Niklas Isselburg, Michaela Lakova, Egil Paulsen,
    Øyvind Mellbye, Stian Remvik, HonfLab, Azahara Cerezo, Wayne Clements,
    Benjamin Grosser, Wayne Clements, Birgit Bachler, Gabin Cortez Chance, Maria
    Colina Perez, Harris David Harris, Louise Harris


    Robertina Šebjanič, Ales Hieng – Zergon, Malte Steiner, Wolfgang Spahn,
    Erin Sexton, Romain Papion, Amandine Néhou, Davide Bevilacqua, Alberto Boem,
    Electrocute, Kasia Justka, Dr. Nexus, Louise Harris, Shu Lea Cheang, Oscar
    Martin Correa, Alex McLean, Hlöðver Sigurðsson, Piksteria Lab, Marc
    Dusseiller, Paula Pin, Adegreden Donora, Budi Prakosa


    Theresa Schubert, Ida Hirsenfelder, Malte Steiner, Wolfgang Spahn, Richie
    Cyngler, Fabienne Felder, Anders Hoff

    WORKSHOPS @ @ Bergen Kjøtt and Lydgalleriet

    PiksteriaLab 2014 ( , Pure
    Data Synthesizer, Electrochemical improvisation: experiments with
    electronics, sound, and crystallization, DECIPHERING RANDOMNESS, APODIO.

    Open call for participants.
    Register sending an email to:

    more info and complete festival program:

    Piksel14 is supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen
    Municipality, Hordaland County, PNEK, BEK, Grundtvig – Lifelong
    Learning Program and others, OCA, Prohelvetia, Swiss Arts Council.

    Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with
    free and open technologies in artistic practice.
    Part workshop, part festival, it is organized in Bergen, Norway, and
    involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging
    ideas, coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops,
    performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free
    technologies & art.

  • Get infected, be the cure, be\O/art

    Press Note


    Piksel is an annual festival for artists and developers working with free and open source
    software, hardware and art. This November the festival will be arranged for the 12th time,
    gathering more than fifty international artists from Indonesia, Canada, Germany, France,
    Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Spain, Russia, Poland and Austria for two
    exhibitions, a series of workshops, a day of discussions and presentations, in
    addition to live performances and concerts in the evenings.

    The term BioArt was coined by the artist Eduardo Kac in 1997, and has been an
    increasingly practiced form of art in the 21st century. The genre, which involves creative
    tinkering with organic tissue, life processes, live organisms and bacteria, has often been
    enveloped in controversy due to its apparent lack of ethics. The 2009 edition of Piksel
    invoked strong reactions in the local press because of the BioArt workshop
    HackteriaLab – one local paper ran the scandalous notice “Protest against bioart”.
    Some were dissatisfied with the idea that small living creatures, such as earthworms,
    should be (ab)used for obscure artistic purposes.

    Now, five years into the future, the same bioartists and biohackers return to Piksel and
    Bergen to give yet another BioArt workshop. Under the moniker PiksteriaLab, they
    endeavour to teach how to build a DIY (or, as they prefer, DIWO – Do It With Others)
    kitchen sink or rucksack laboratory, guiding participants into the realm of Bioelectronix –
    splicing the living and technological – wherein one may try out techniques such as fish and
    plant hacking.

    PiksteriaLab will commence Monday 10th of November, three days prior to the core festival.
    November 13th – 16th more workshops will be held in addition to lectures and
    presentations, concerts and performances in the evenings – for example Davide
    Bevilacqua and Alberto Boem’s URSUPPE (German for primordial soup), where
    synthesizers will be processed through organic matter such as apples and oranges instead
    of traditional, electronic effect boxes – and exhibitions at two different venues, where can
    be seen Robert B. LISEK’s Schrödinger’s Cat-like QUANTUM ENIGMA, utilizing random
    signals from radioactive material (such as thorium, Norway’s high-potential post-oil natural
    resource) to control a seemingly uncontrolled installation of flickering lights and sound

    All that and much more…

    Get infected, be the cure, be\O/art.

  • Piksel 13 || RIOT streams

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