The 12th annual Piksel Festival


Bergen, 13-16 November 2014

More info coming soon!

  • Piksel 13 || RIOT streams

  • Piksel13 || RIOT

    The 11th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies

    - Exhibitions – workshops – live art – presentations
    - November 21st-24th, Bergen (NO)

    The 11th edition of the Piksel Festival takes place in Bergen (NO)
    November 21st-24th 2013. This years theme – RIOT – connects to the
    diversity in the tradition of hactivist art and specifically the use of
    tactical media, digital resistance and electronic disturbance as more
    relevant now than ever before.



    EXHIBITIONS @ Franz : Navle and Lydgalleriet

    Will Burn, Maria Colina Perez, Sergey Dushkin, Azahara Cerezo, F.A.T.,
    Geraldine Juarez, Magnus Eriksson, Mark Beasley, Louise Harris,
    Wolfgang Spahn, Artemis Papageorgiou, Aforditi Psarra, Stefan


    Afroditi Psarra, Constanza Piña, John Bowerss, Sten-Olof
    Hellström, Theremidi Orchestra, Servando Barreiro, Alex McLean, Ryan
    Jordan, Raquel Meyers, Goto80, Great International Audio Streaming
    Orchestra III, Malte Steiner, Darsha Hewitt, Anis Haron, Dr. Nexus,
    Víctor Mazón Gardoqui, LaptopsRus, Casperelectronics


    Trasformatorio, The Open Modular Synthesizer, Creating Performance
    Systems with Pd, Raspberry Pi and Arduino, F.A.T. – Free Art &
    Technology, MicroFlo: flow-based programming for microcontrollers, All
    the lines arrive to NAZCA

    WORKSHOPS @ Trykk : Trykk and Piksel HQ

    PSYCHOHELIOPHYSICISTS – SUN TONGS, Sound happens in the group!, Noise
    Make-up Language, Limen – electromagnetic sniffing device, APODIO V9
    WORKSHOP, Haptic City Workshop, Paper-Duino-Pi, LornaLab Projection
    Workshop, OSC controlled realtime visuals with the gameengine Panda3D,
    <3-bit shirt

    more info and complete festival program:

    Piksel13 is supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen
    Municipality, Hordaland County, PNEK, BEK, Grundtvig – Lifelong
    Learning Program and others.

  • PIKSEL13 || RIOT – Open Workshops

    PIKSEL13 || RIOT

    * PIKSEL13 workshop series
    * Free and Open Creative Technology workshops

    In connection with the PIKSEL13 festival we are offering in total 10
    workshops. All the workshops are free to attend, but for some of them
    there is a cost for materials. To sign up or get more information,
    please contact us on piksel13 [AT] or register directly at:



    <3-bit shirt workshop for young people
    Tue 19.11 – Thu. 21.11 16-20

    <3-bit is a workshop on wearable technology and sound experimentation.
    The aim of the workshop is to create a shirt capable of capturing and
    transmitting your heartbeat though the use of DIY electronics and
    creative coding.

    Thu 21.11 – Sun 24.11 11-17

    A series of workshops and field trips to take place during the Piksel festival investigating notions of earth/solar connection, diy scientific instruments as tools for musical expression and expanding human creativity through the use of open source electronics (Arduino), software (Arduino IDE and Pure Data), freely available and recycled materials.

    Thursday 21.11 11-17

    The Paper-Duino-Pi is an Arduino shield for the Raspberry Pi. Due to
    the fact that it is designed as Paper-PCB it is easy to create and one
    doesn’t need a printed circuit board.

    LornaLab Projection Workshop
    Thursday 21.11 11-17

    This workshop focuses on creating real-time graphical projections
    from text using OpenFrameworks. The motivation behind the workshop
    is to create custom visual graphics from streaming text.

    Sound happens in the group!
    Friday 22.11 11-17

    Building DIY electronic instruments developed and used by Theremidi
    Orchestra. The workshop will be conducted in a free manner and all
    interactions should be part of the process. Throughout the workshop
    some contextual historic and technological information will be given in
    a non-linear fashion.

    Friday 22.11 11-17

    APODIO is a 10 years old Gnu/Linux distribution, dedicated to
    multimedia tools for audio/visual creation, to run your own radio, TV,
    make your own film, animation, art installation, Live Coding and other
    A/V performance…

    Noise Make-up Language
    Saturday 23.11 11-17

    NML is a noisemaking propaganda network of browsers, DIY electronics,
    pure data and activist collaboration.

    Haptic City Workshop
    Saturday 23.11 11-17

    The aim of the workshop is to build a prototype of an embroidered
    responsive map of the city, together with a group of individuals
    interested in producing an artwork about their city.

    Limen – electromagnetic sniffing device
    Sunday 24.11 11-17

    LIMEN is a workshop about traffic & wireless telecommunications.
    Participants will construct an analog and portable device able to
    amplify electromagnetic activity into audible signals.

    OSC controlled realtime visuals with the gameengine Panda3D
    Sunday 24.11 11-17

    Creating OSC controlled realtime visuals with the open source game
    engine Panda3D.


  • We need YOU for Piksel13 | RIOT (21-24 November) !

    square_posterWould you perhaps like to be our art exhibition assistant?

    Are you great at selling tickets, distributing information, or handling technical equipment?

    Or maybe you just love the combination of electronics and art and would like to meet likeminded people?

    This year Piksel is arranged for the 11th time in Bergen and we would like you to join the team. The festival is an annual event where artists and developers from over a dozen countries spend four days hosting presentations, concerts, workshops, performances, exhibitions and informal discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free and open source software.

    As a volunteer you will experience the festival from the inside and will gain useful knowledge while hopefully making new friends and having fun.

    Sign up today!

    Contact: (mark with ‘volunteer’)

  • Piksel presents: <3-bit shirt wearable electronics workshop for young people

    3-bit_shirt_ web

    In collaboration with Trafo we have invited Afroditi Psarra and Constanza Pina to host this exciting three-day workshop at the public library in Bergen.

    Time: Monday 19. November – Wednesday 21. November.  4PM- 8PM

    Who can attend: Young people between the ages 16 and 22. Anyone who is interested in wearable electronics, e-textiles, 8-bit music and DIY electronics. No necessary background in programming or electronics is required.

    <3-bit is a workshop on wearable technology and sound experimentation. The aim of the workshop is to create a shirt capable of capturing and transmitting your heartbeat though the use of DIY electronics and creative coding. The workshop consists on a practical introduction to Arduino programming using the LilyPad micro-controller and experimenting with handmade speaker coils and building soft-circuits on fabric. Though the workshop the participants will be able to engage in the process of making electronic textiles and will share a fun hands-on experience with other like-minded individuals.

    Sign up by e-mail to: info (AT) trafo (DOT) no

    More info in Norwegian:

  • Call: Piksel Remote Hacklab – Experimental Communication System Open Workshop, Venice

    Piksel Remote Hacklab: Experimental Communication System Open Workshop,

    Free 2-day workshop, Venice, May 28-29th, 12pm-late.

    Recent studies have shown that the electrical resistance in soil above a buried carcass has a different resistivity to that of near by soil due to the decomposition of bodily tissue. The body leaves a “real”, quantifiable electrical trace when it is dead. Following this idea that traces of the dead can be measured via electricity it may be possible that these traces can be found elsewhere such as in the electromagnetic field.

    In this workshop the construction of various electronic devices which apparently enhance the possibility of communication with spirits both audibly and visibly will be undertaken. Attempts at direct electromagnetic induction from such a vitalist earth to human brain will be made in the construction of a diy earth-brain interface, along with devices such as the Germanium Trans-Dimensional Communication Receptor (TDC) and other EMF detectors, emitters, and amplifiers.
    These will then be applied to Venetian decomposing geo-bio canal soup mixes in a final experimental communication system performance.

    The workshop is free. Places limited to 10.
    May 28 – 29th, 12pm – late.

    Officina delle Zattere,

    Fondamenta Nani, 947 Dorsoduro

    30123 Venezia, Italia

    (Vaporetto stop: Zattere or Academia)


  • First Piksels and Lines Orchestra performance at LGM13: MediaLab Prado in Madrid

    As part of the Libre Graphics Meeting 2013: Future Tools held at the new building of MediaLab Prado in Madrid, Brendan Howell and Jon Nordby premier the Piksels and Lines Orchestra (PLO).

    The Piksels and Lines Orchestra is an experimental performance system for graphic design. The image industry populates our visual culture, yet it exists in a world with an inner life that is invisible to most people. The orchestra shifts the focus from the end results to the actions and decisions that take place during the creative process.  By turning the tools of graphic design, the software applications, into instruments, the active labour and the operational gestures of designers are converted to sound. Actions like painting, cutting, setting text, adding layers, drawing shapes etc. are reflected by sonic events within a score.  At the same time, the system brings the audience visually into the everyday work environment of the designer by exposing the application interfaces as they are used. In order to make the necessary software modifications, the applications used in this project are all free and open source software.

    Howell and Nordby are working with four volunteer actors this evening, performing the first composition for the PLO system, a noise opera set in a fictional design agency. The software instruments played in this performance include GIMPMyPaint, and Scribus, and  this instance of the PLO Soundserver is realized in SuperCollider.

    The performance starts today Friday 12. April 21:30 GMT +1 and the live stream is found here.

    The PLO system was commissioned by Piksel as part of  the Libre Graphics Research Project funded by EU, and realized through an artist residency throughout November/December 2012 in Bergen. The first presentation of the system was given at the 10th anniversary of the Piksel festival: Piksel [X] 24th November. The technical documentation, specifications and source code of the system is stored on GitHub.

    The initial idea for the Piksels and Lines Orchestra commission was developed during the 3rd Libre Graphics Research Meeting held in Bergen June 2012, and is one of several commissions developed through the LGRU-project.

  • Piksel[X] – performance sunday 25.11 14:30

    Special event at Festplassen sunday 25.11 kl. 14:30:
    Isabel Croxatto and John Bowers
    I am for the birds, not the cages that people put them in” - John Cage

    Time and bodies, that apear, change, and desapeare, in a dance.

    “El tiempo es la acumulación de su aparecer, cambiar y desaparecer”- John Cage

  • AUDIO BLAST FESTIVAL – Online audio performance – Piksel Festival (Node)

    Audio Blast Festival is a no-festival within festivals. It’s a new invitation for musicians, sound artist and others noise makers to play live through the internet. This live music will be experienced in 2 venues, one in Bergen for the Piksel festival and the other one in Nantes at the Plateforme Intermedia / Fabrique as a physical node of Piksel festival.

    For decades now, experimental music has been seeking its own positioning, through different names, genres and sub-genres, where artists constantly strive to renew themselves. We are facing a mise en abyme of what could be called music so far: there is no more music as such, neither academic, nor popular, we are at the end of an era when music used to be embodied. Post-music no longer bothers with “objectification”, it is constantly being diffused though the extra-sensory ubiquity of its digitisation, of real-time sound and distanced listening.

    A chance to experience new forms of music created through Networked Performanes. 8 hours of intensive live audio flowing via Nantes to Bergen over 3 days of the Piksel Festival. more than 30 hours of music Including works from Sound artists, composers, musicians from around the world.

    All the live performance will be played on a quadriphonic sound system in both country. Audio Blast Festival is curated by Julien Ottavi and organised by APO33.

    Live CHAT

    THENOISER, Jason Kahn, VOMIR, cdrikcroll, STROM VARX, Alex Mclean, th-th, Brice Jeannin, Emmanuelle Gibello Scenophonie, Robert Piotrowicz, Roel Meelkop, Philippe F Roux, Shoï Extrasystole, Romain Zigani, Luc Kerleo, Julien Poidevin, Francisco Meirino, Benjamin Cadon, Zenial, pizMO, Carl Stone, Jenny Pickett, Francois Martig, PifPaf (Avatar), Joachim Montessuis, Marinos Koutsomichalis, Seth Cluett, Raphaël Ilias & Florian Tositti, Oscar Martin (Noish), Kazuyki Kishino (KKNULL), Mattin..

    Direct link for VLC/Mplayer etc. :

    VOMIR PifPaf
    11:00 luc kerleo Roel Meelkop william nurdin
    12:00 Zenial Marinos Koutsomichalis Thomas Dimuzio
    13:00 Goh Lee Kwang Raphaël Ilias & Florian Tositti Michael Gendreau
    Jenny Pickett
    Romain Zigani
    Francisco Meirino John Bischoff
    15:00 Jason Kahn pizMO Julien Poidevin
    16:00 Francois Martig Oscar Martin (Noish) Shoï Extrasystole
    17:00 Carl Stone Seth Cluett Brice Jeannin
    18:00 Benjamin Cadon Jorge Ramirez cdrikcroll
    19:00 STROM VARX™ Emmanuelle Gibello piotrowicz
    20:00 Philippe F Roux Joachim Montessuis alex mclean

  • Energy Bank – Amanda Steggell

    Energy Bank: Prototype tests at Piksel[X],
    Amanda Steggell (NO) with Kristine Øren (NO)

    Since 2009 I’ve been working on various prototype ideas for charging stations in public places.
    For the Piskel X event the latest version will be tested; a hand-cranked mobile charging station worn as a backpack with an audio feedback system. Operating from a base station, we will make several field trips into the city of Bergen to test the functional and communicative aspects of Energy Bank with a public in various ways. Information about the field trips will be available at a physical base, and via <>.

    Developed with assistance from Servando Barreiro (sp/de), Espen Samuelsen (no), Simon Steggell(no), Roman Minaev (ru/de) and Trygve Laugstøl (no).
    Supported by KORO, Arts Council Norway, PNEK and Atelier Nord.

  • Piksel presents: Arduino workshop for young people in collaboration with Trafo

    We have invited Afroditi Psarra from Athens to host this exciting three-day workshop at the public library in Bergen.

    Time: Monday 19. November – Wednesday 21. November.  4PM- 8PM

    Who can attend: Young people between the ages 16 and 22. Anyone who is interested in Arduino programming, e-textiles, 8-bit music and DIY electronics. No necessary background in programming is required.

    This workshop consists of an introduction to Arduino programming through the creation of a simple embroidered synthesizer. The participants are going to engage in the process of prototyping and building DIY electronics on textile using various components – such as LEDs, resistors, sensors, buttons and buzzers, and conductive materials such as conductive thread and conductive fabric. Through the construction of an embroidered synthesizer the participants will get familiar with the concept of electronic textiles and soft-circuits and their use in fashion, art and performance, while experimenting on 8-bit sound.

    More info about the workshop leader:

    Sign up here:

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